Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's a blog, why should I limit a list to a top 5 or 10?

Next year, I'll try to keep tabs on things as they happen.
Next year, I'll forget to keep tabs on things as they happen.

Wish I could remember more, but I need what is left of my brain for Simpson's quotes.


No order.  
Things that made 2011 pretty alright okay even though it was mehish, but I think everything is mehish.

Mark Cobley for believing in and putting out an uneven and very confusing echap of mine.
Plain Wrap for taking Thursday after a lot of rejections and before I gave up and almost self-published.  Oh and Animals too.
The bats flying around the Washington Monument at 4 am in August shortly before a hurricane.
The Trees The Trees by Heather Christle. I read it a couple times a week.  
Gregory Sherl for being really cool and doing me huge favors and his status updates about X-files and Felicity. Oh and Heavy Petting too. 
Nyan Cat
Spotify. nonstop.  
Netflix for ALL the Star Trek. nonstop. Peep Show too. 
My son. even though he is a jock and speaks only in sports stats. he's a good dude. he treats me well.
My nephew. babies are pretty alright okay if they are quiet and think you are funny.
David Tomaloff for a lot of things. too many things. nonstop. 
J. Bradley for taking over on fiction. making me feel unproductive as a writer. his parts of NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE rocked so hard. bats. nonstop
Diana Salier for taking over on poetry. fuck, you read this right? she is very funny and i like her energy when i get it in email/ facebook message form. 
a Jack in the Box in Indiana. 
RUSS WOODS. dude has found my button. i look forward to working with him over a period of the future.
Meghan Lamb. she's doing rad stuff. nonstop. i think she hates me though.
shaking hands with the ocean again.
camping in the middle of a forest fire. cough cough.
Janey Smith! really cool phone calls. everything i read by Janey. Oh and Animals too.
Beach Sloth for digging NAP and blogging about it. 
Mensah Demary for lots and lots of various tweets. other stuff too.
my new cat. even though he is white.
my old cat. even though he is dying.
my zoo pass. the many hours I have spent petting the dog sharks and talking to the flying foxes.

crap. other things.  memory fading.
BRETT ELIZABETH JENKINS WHO IS A WONDERFUL WOMAN AND DOES TONS FOR ME AND WILL DO TONS FOR ME IN 20!2 AND YOU TOO. Also, I really like how she keeps stats of things. Rejections. Poems written. and her cat tumblr pics too.
Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! by Peter Davis

so much more. 

more publications in 2011 than all years before.
not bad for a guy that submits one thing to one journal at a time.

NAP has been a fun experience.  I have a few more years in me.

I will be less of a turtle in 2012.
I look forward to meeting many people at AWP.
I hope they don't rip out my eyes like I think most people will and why I don't leave my house.
I look forward to Thursday and whatever else I can put out in the next few years.
I look forward to the new time I will have to read all the wonderful books I bought this year.  
No MFA program for 2012. I need that application money to eat right now. "2013. 2013. 2013." I repeat to myself. 

Oh, very happy for my emails from peterbd.  Seriously, just tag him in any blog post and your hits will go up like crazy.  90% of all people that read this blog come here because of peterbd.  

many more people that did things for me that didn't realize they did things for me
I'll remember and thank them for that. 2012 will be about telling people that they are great. People need to hear they are great. People need to hear that they need to keep going.

Keep on,


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