Saturday, October 1, 2011

PeterBD reviewed my chapbook The Lesson of Furniture

PeterBD emailed again today.  He assembled an all-star review panel for The Lesson of Furniture.

The Lesson on Furniture 
                                             roundtable review of the chad reddin masterpiece  

The Blinds

me: this was a great poem to start off with
christina applegate: it was cool. i dug it

After Discovering We Were Chewable 

me: are you chewable? am i chewable? who exactly is chewable in today's society. makes ya think
chaka khan: after reading this i felt like i wanted a big ass bowl of mac & cheese. this is a positive thing

Let Forth Your Shuttlecocks on High 
me: this was cool. i appreciate the way he used the word cloudmeal. proper using of cloudmeal in chapbooks
always makes me smile
peyton manning: lol @ shuttlecocks


me: made me feel nostalgic. appreciated the feel of this
al roker: don't think i'm qualified to critique poetry. i'm more of a weatherman. all in all i found this to be
fucking excellent though


me:  there's so much going on in this one. i want to keep reading it to decipher all the messages hidden inside
sissy spacek: i agree. what intelligent yet cryptic prose. engaging and mystifying at the same time

Do You Still Have Your Acorn?

me: can't go wrong with acorns and chipmunks
the chipmunks: hell to the yeah!
alvin: i'm cutting back on my acorn intake you guys. dark skinned chipmunks have a higher percentage of
acorn related adult onset diabetes. my health is numero uno but i do love the tone of this poem chadwick


me: nice
dave grohl: sweet

But We Have So Much Sky to Work With 

me: one of my favorites. chad just doesn't know how to serve you typical, boring prose
aretha franklin: agreed. chad can serve me up more than prose any day of the week
me: i knew you was a freak aretha
aretha franklin: just keepin' it real lol

Only Days that End With Y 

me: i think i can relate to this one the most. described my life to a t. good work
heather locklear: don't know why i was asked to review this but it was interesting nonetheless

Flat Head Syndrome

me: was this not supposed to make me laugh? i found this hilarious
oprah (aka god): lmfao, same here

Wandering Stars 

me: i found this moody. i like moody sad poems.
shakira: quería escribir mi próximo álbum. escritura increíble bb

As Hawaiian Air flight 47 Attempts a Water Landing

me: there's like a billion things going on in this one. a billion brilliant things
pete dexter: i need to step my writing game the fuck up

On the Banks of the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone 

me: how did he come up with this. greatness personified
jay z: what he said

Before Discovering We Were Chewable

me: i'm loving this chewable series
sonic the hedgehog: me too. though am i relevant enough to be critiquing chad's incredible writing?
me: not really. but for nostalgia purposes, you fit in quite nicely
sonic the hedgehog: score!


me: there's alot of sexual undertones in these poems. sexual but not vulgar. that's a tough thing to do
dame judi dench: and he accomplished this task with the greatest of ease

Frowns in Heavenville 

me: this was heartbreaking to me. was this suppose to be heartbreaking?
pinhead: i'm balling my eyes out at the beauty of this. i literally just can't right now....

Another Red Blessing Founded at the Post 

me: another slam dunk
bill maher: it was. although i believe the tea party is doing a great disservice to the american public.
i mean come on, are u.s. citizens that mentally unstable to believe that these imbeciles are
progressive and have any interest in helping the common man? fuck no! i mean what the fuck, they're
all out for themselves. like it says in the constitution..(bill maher's mike has been cut off to save time.
to hear the rest of bill maher's rant please visit your choice of his many liberal agenda websites)

You Sent A Dream to Your Sister 

me: this is the last one? i was just getting into it! this was one of my favorites as well. hahaha
i liked most of these. think this one was one of my favorite concepts though. you outdid yourself
prince chadwick
feist: what's chad's number?
aretha franklin: girl, i was just about to ask the same thing

The Lesson of Furniture was conceived by future New York Times best selling author: Chad Reddin it is advised that you read The Lesson of Furniture to improve your quality of life and to give you new perspectives on greatness if you choose not to read The Lesson of Furniture oprah winfrey will most likely make you and your loved ones disappear she is god after all

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