Thursday, August 25, 2011


Phenom in the making, Diana Salier is the newest addition to the Red Ceilings Press family of chapbook bandits.
She will also be featured in the next issue of NAP that drops in around 21 days.  Her echap is wikipedia says it will pass.  You should read it.  Don't believe me? Read my blurb.  Diana asked me for a blurb.  After I googled how to write a blurb I wrote a pretty damn good one.  
Shortly after Al Gore liberated Jurassic Park he invented the internet. WSIWP realizes his dream of a sentient work that begs you to sign in and read it as soon as you get home from Zumba class because it has a list of all the happy, mundane, and heartbreaking things that happened while you were away.
I mean, how can you not want to read her poems after that?  I put her work in context with the past (Jurassic Park) and current events (Zumba.)  Huge stuff. Read it!

Don't forget to read the latest NAP CHAP by David Tomaloff.  

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